I'm Bianca. This is me and I'd love to be your photographer.

Timeless photos are a must for me. No trends, fads or crazes here. Simple, elegant, white and timeless images where you, your baby and your bond is the main focus. I want your images to still look amazing amazing in years to come and not date. It's for this reason I even encourage no watches in your portraits as we all know how they can change overtime.

I don't have a word to describe my photography style. That's too limiting. It's a combination of all the things that I love. For example my posing is quite natural and candid but I will also take those "everybody looking family portraits". I love the diversity it adds to a collection. Skin texture and that newborn fresh flakey skin goodness is everything but I also love an elegant clean finish to your portraits so I keep it somewhere in between natural organic but with a polished finish.

Skin tones I'll always aim to keep as your natural looking color as possible with a touch of warmth. It's always summer in my studio haha

I'm a mum to a beautiful pigeon pair (5 & 1yo) who are my whole world, heart and soul. Other than photographing babies, I love to play guitar, sing, play volleyball, eat cheese and to enjoy the finer things.

Having visited over 50 countries, I'm use to always taking photo's. It wasn't until my son was born in 2014 that my love for photography evolved. One thing lead to another and my hobby of taking casual pictures the way my heart see's it has turned into the brand and significant style you see now as Bianca Val Photography.

I worked my old corporate job for 18 years, and while I enjoyed it, I was essentially working to live. I always envied people that lived to work. But now, I am one of them. For me, its not just taking pictures. I take pride and honour in documenting your journey. I LOVE, love. Relationships, bonds and connection is everything to me and capturing those honest moments for families the way my eyes see it is my utmost passion. I really love this gig. Aside from all the mushy stuff, you'll find I'm abit quirky, I laugh alot and enjoy an inappropriate meme perhaps abit too much. Lets hang x

“make it Simple but significant”